Home Buyers

Home Buyers  -   Owner occupiers   and   Investors


Love the house  –  but it needs too much work?

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Where do you start?   What’s it all going to cost?


Don’t put it in the “too hard basket”  -  Hassle Free P.I. can help!

Make those ugly defects work for you – don’t let them stop you from buying the home you want.

Use the defects to drive the price down, then get Hassle Free P.I. to fix it all up before you move in.

We’ll give you a rough idea of what your renovations will cost, so you can deduct it from your offer. That way you can get the house you want, still at the price you want. The bonus is that now it will come renovated in your own style and with your choice of colours!

With all the hassles of shifting, you probably dont want to be moving into a house that still needs a lot of work done to it. So to make your life easier, we will give you a final quote and start work as soon as possible after you settle. That way you’ll have your new house just how you want it, a home you can be proud of from the day you move in.

If you’re an investor this will work wonders for your Return On Investment. By deducting the cost of renovations (which will be tax deductable)  from your purchase price you’ll get a better house for the same money -  and a better house will get you better tenants as well as a better rental return.

Whether you’re buying to owner occupy or for a rental investment, let us take the hassle out of getting your new house ready to be enjoyed.