Preparation for market

Preparing your Property for the market.

We listen carefully to what you’d like to achieve and provide you with options to get the best result possible within your budget.

With years of experience preparing houses for the market we’ve learnt a lot and developed an extensive range of skills. We’ve also put together a great network of qualified people and retailers who assist us in completing cost-effective quality renovations.

Because we manage the entire project we are able to keep costs down for you. At Hassle Free P.I. the gardener also paints, tiles, gets doors working again, replaces handles, fixes leaks etc. What we don’t do ourselves, one of our qualified tradespeople will do for you.

So instead of spending hours chasing up different workers and waiting for your calls to be returned, you’ll have a single point of contact who actually reports to you!

When you’re preparing to sell it can be hard to know what’s worth doing and what isn’t. You dont want to waste time and money on projects that won’t get you any extra dollars when you sell. At the same time you don’t want to miss out on any extra dollars that might come your way if you make a few improvements to your property.

Some things are not worth doing, some are good to do if you can, but there are others that just have to be done before you go on the market or even get your photos taken.

If you think its too much hassle to paint those walls, or clean up the garden, chances are that your buyers will too, and they’ll go somewhere else. It’s much easier to get buyers to fall in love with a house that looks loved and cared for, it also makes your place seem more valuable when it looks cared for – or as the agents like to say, ”lovingly maintained.”

You don’t want buyers using defects in your home as bargaining tools to drive the price down. Far better for you to spend $300 fixing one section of guttering than have your buyers reduce their offer by $5,000 because they say the whole house needs new guttering. They are always looking for an excuse to drop the price, but by taking care of any defects you will rob them of their opportunity to negotiate a lower sale price.

With our years of experience in preparing houses for the market – striking the right balance, knowing what’s worth doing and what’s not, is where Hassle Free P.I. can literally save you , or make you thousands.

At Hassle Free we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our attention to detail. Check out our testimonials.

We believe that near enough isn’t anywhere near good enough!

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