Vacant Properties

Vacant Properties

Vacant properties benefit greatly from staging.

Hassle Free P.I. can organize furniture which will enhance each room and define it’s purpose. We will then add accessories and artwork that will make the room feel welcoming and lived in.

A staged property will get you much classier internet photos, which in turn will get you on a buyers shortlist. That way you’ll get buyers through the door and have a better chance of a quick sale at a much better price.

An empty house looks lifeless and uncared for. Buyers will notice every tiny defect in each room, as there is nothing else to look at. The worn carpet, old fashioned lights and the marks on the walls will be all the buyers see and remember.

Empty rooms look small because without furniture the walls come in at you and there is no sense of perspective in the room. Buyers find it very difficult to work out if their furniture will fit and how much space will be left around it.

Builders understand the value of staging, which is why you will never see an empty display home.

If you’re an investor whose tenants have left your rental property in a mess just give us a call, we come in and clean up inside and out, paint and repair as necessary, furnish and style the house so you can best possible return on your investment, and it’s all Hassle Free!!