We charge for each step of the staging process separately. You may wish to use us for all the steps, or for only one or two of them – it’s up to you.


Usually around $250.


The cost depends on the nature and extent of the work you want done. We will consult with you and provide a quote within your budget. We always aim to keep costs to a minimum.


Usually between $500 and $1000. Furniture and accessory hire are extra. We can give you a quote for presentation at the planning consultation. (We are happy to de-clutter your wine rack for free!)


Your overall investment in staging is going to be minor compared to the value you will add to your property.

By staging your property you will be offering something better, and you can expect to get a better offer!

Staging will definitely be a lot less than the first price reduction you might have to make.

A quick sale will save you on extra mortgage repayments.


We genuinely try to make our staging and property improvement costs as reasonable as possible so you can get a great return on your investment.

That way we hope you’ll refer us to family, friends and neighbours and maybe use us again. You might want us to get your new home ready for you. See our page on Home Buyers.