Frequently Asked Questions

Does home staging actually work?

Yes it does. In 2004 Joy Valentine of Coldwell Banker Broker conducted research on 2772 homes spread through 8 cities. Her results showed that staged homes took 55.3% less time to sell than un-staged homes. That’s less than half the time – or put around the other way, staged homes sell more than twice as fast.

The same research showed that staged homes sold for an average of 6.4% over the list price. On a $500K home that equates to an extra $32K.

Why does staging work?

Buyers love a home that will live up to their dreams. It needs to look cared for and loved, spacious, welcoming, and easy to live in. Put simply they need to be able see themselves loving living in your house.

Unfortunately most buyers don’t see past the colour of your walls, your artwork and the amount and layout of your furniture. When buyers see a crack in the plaster they think the house needs restumping, if they see a dirty bathroom they think there are water leaks creating structural issues.

You can’t really expect buyers to fall in love with a house that looks unloved or is bursting at the seams because there’s too much “stuff” in it.

By staging your house we show buyers what it might be like when they live there. When they come through your front door we want them to feel like they have just walked into the home of their dreams! Once they’ve reached that conclusion they are much more willing to pay top dollar, hoping you’ll accept their offer before someone else can put in a better one.

Can’t I just do it myself?

Of course you can, but you need to realize that just as you do in so many other areas – you’ll get a far better result by using trained professionals. Selling your home is probably the biggest financial undertaking you’ll make. So why wouldn’t you get an experienced professional to help you get it right?

Home sellers often don’t fully appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of their own home because they have lived in it for so long and they have strong emotional investments in the house and its contents. Stagers look at your home with objective eyes, seeing it the way buyers will, and are able to highlight the strengths and minimize the weaknesses.

Why should we spend money staging our house when we are about to sell it and move out?

Staging is an investment not an expense. A small investment now could make a large improvement to your asking price. In a tough selling market you need every advantage you can get.

Investing in staging means buyers wont have excuses to drive the price down. It could also mean you don’t have to make that dreaded price reduction a few weeks into your marketing campaign. The more you make when you sell, the more you’ll have to spend on your new home.

Think about your potential buyers. Extremely few of them want to buy a house that looks like it needs work done to it.

First homebuyers typically have bigger dreams than budgets; they want to buy as much house as possible with the limited funds available to them, leaving them with little or nothing to spend on repairs or improvements. If your house is ready to live in you are much more likely to attract and sell to first homebuyers.

Executive couples, perhaps with a small family, are often stressed out by work and family commitments, having little time to invest in the hassles of repairs and improvements. These buyers prefer to pay more for a house where everything’s been done.

Parents in large families are perhaps the most time-poor of all. They love a home they can move straight into without having to work on it. Just moving is hassle enough!

Downsizers or older buyers have usually sold a larger property and have the cash available to pay for something that needs nothing done. They’re looking forward to taking it easy.

Investors are after a property they can lease out from the day they settle. The better presented the property is, the more they will be able to rent it out for.