Home Staging

Home Staging


Home staging by Hassle Free P.I. is all about greatly increasing your chances of getting buyers to inspect your property, have them fall in love with it, and then want to pay top dollar so they can buy it before anyone else does.

We help you prepare your property for the market, presenting your home in such a way that it stands out from similar houses for sale in your area.

It’s a bit like detailing your car before you sell it, but much more.

Home staging is about presenting your home so that it attracts the right buyers and gets them through the door.

Don’t get overlooked!

These days most buyers will look at anywhere up to 100 houses on the internet, but only inspect 5 or 6 of them. If you want to be on that short list you’re going to need great internet photos, and great photos are all about great presentation.

When your property goes on the market it becomes a product  -  in competition with all the others in your area. If you want buyers to pay top dollar for your place, you’ve got to make them want yours more than all the others. Hassle Free P.I. helps this to happen by showcasing your home’s best features and minimizing any weaknesses that may exist.

No-one wants to live in what is obviously someone else’s home. We know how to present your house so that prospective buyers will be able see it as their own, and want to live in it.

Home staging creates buyer appeal for a targeted market, using internationally proven lifestyle selling techniques.

 With home staging everyone’s a winner!

  • You win by getting top dollar and a quick sale.
  • Purchasers win by getting a nice home that’s ready to live in.
  • Agents win by getting a house that sells easily.